Mittwoch, 5. Januar 2011

ORBITATO, Pomerode - Guest Academy from Brazil

Visit the university website for photos of their stupendous work and programmes!
CAMPUS @ HEIMTEXTIL 2011 welcomes a group of tutors from ORBITATO, the Institute for Architecture, Fashion and Product Design in Pomerode, from the Santa Catarina region of Brazil. Under the headline CONTEXTURE, student projects willl be presented using mixed textile and other materials, graphic works and image projection. Fashion and design projects combined with social actions conducted by Orbitato will also be shown.                               
„We would like to represent our region Santa Catarina as a strong center  of applied design in Brazil, and showcase the projects of Orbitato to the academic community and visitors at Heimtextil 2011“, formulates Celaine Refosco, general director, as her goals for the fair.  

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