Mittwoch, 5. Januar 2011

Contemporary textile studies in Tallinn at EEAA

The textile design department of the Estonian Academy of Arts offers contemporary textile studies in a synthesis of traditional textile techniques with high-tech materials.
Students find fresh and original output by using toolbox consisting contemporary global source of innovative materials, versatile, experimental techniques and local traditional orientation

Objectives of participating at CAMPUS @ HEIMTEXTIL 2011
§  To introduce the textile design department of Estonian Academy of Arts
§  To find new contacts and mutual interests for collaboration with other schools exhibiting at Heimtextil
§  To get feedback about our exhibition
§  To collect information on contemporary issues on textiles and the industry
§  To be the source of inspiration to professionals and to be inspired by others

§  Exhibiting experimental samples,  designs and introducing different projects

Used tehniques: Weaving,  Printing,  Knitting,  Mixed media

Participants:  Bachelor II and III course,  Master course

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